Comcast to release subscriber information after subpoena in Oregon Bit Torrent movie downloading lawsuit alleging copyright infringement

Voltage LLC v. John Does 1 – 371

Case No.: 3:13-cv-00295-AA

Comcast sent a letter to hundreds of subscribers this month notifying them that, unless a judge issues an Order quashing or modifying a subpoena it had received from Voltage Pictures, LLC, the cable company and Internet Service Provider will release identifying subscriber information to Carl Crowell, a Salem, Oregon attorney who has filed copyright infringement suit alleging that hundreds of people have used bit torrent programs to illegally download the film, Maximum Conviction.

The lawsuit, Voltage Pictures LLC v. John Does 1 – 357, identifies 100s of IP addresses.  IP addresses are the unique numerical identifier associated with every internet portal that is identifiable whenever someone uses bit torrent to download content.

A subscriber with an IP address is only someone who may have evidence of a download.  A notice from Comcast does not mean that the subscriber is now a defendant or will ever become a defendant.

Subscribers may want to file a MOTION TO QUASH the subpoena, to try to stop Comcast from revealing the subscriber name associated with an IP address.  There may be a constitutional and privacy interest in the right to “speak” on the internet anonymously.

This case is not a criminal case.  It is a civil case brought by a movie owner aimed to discourage the unpaid downloading of films and to extract judgments and payments from those that downloaded the film.

Remember, copyright infringement is also a crime, also.  Therefore, the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination may be invoked in this civil case.  Subscribers cannot be compelled to answer questions that could implicate them in criminal conduct.

Consult with a lawyer should you receive a notice from your cable company or your internet service provider.

OregonTorrentMaximumConviction — click here to see lawsuit with IP subscriber numbers

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