Legal Sex Change Gender Change in Oregon Courts

Since 2013, Oregon law does not require that a person submit to surgery prior to a court ordering a change in the person’s sex marker. Oregon law currently recognizes only two identifying words for a person’s “sex” – Male and Female. The Oregon process to change the legal gender/sex status from M to F or from F to M is relatively simple.  You do not need to hire a lawyer.

The Oregon law states:

A court * * * may order a legal change of sex and enter a judgment indicating the change of sex of a person if the court determines that the individual has undergone surgical, hormonal or other treatment appropriate for that individual for the purpose of gender transition and that sexual reassignment has been completed. (ORS 33.460).

In Multnomah County, Portland, the forms may be picked up, filled out, and filed on the second floor of the courthouse. The forms and instructions are at this link: Sex Change Forms and Instructions

You can file for Sex Change and for Name Change at the same time for one fee.

The filing fee is $111.

Judges in Portland will not ask for a doctor’s letter, as the law does not require a letter.

The Lane County Court website wrongly states that surgery is required.  Judges in jurisdictions outside of Portland may be less familiar with the law.

Call Lake at 503.227.1928 if you need assistance, or would prefer not to go to court, my office can handle all aspects of name and sex change orders and appear before the court on your behalf.


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